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JF was with us every step of the way through thick and thin, and a tight schedule.


Alex & Mariela

Short and sweet, an intimate west-end wedding

From the Bookstreeet hotel and early morning makeup, to late night dancing at Next, Mariela and Alex's wedding was a unique coming together of two cultures and a smashing success to boot.

This was the kind of event for which some of the best shots would be taken, not during the pageantry, but during those small moments in between the big events: conversations, hugs, reunions. As a wedding photographer, I'm not only getting got know the bride and groom, but getting acquainted with the room. A diverse crowd, equal parts grandparents, young couples, and singles makes it easy to spot unique and intimate moments. Nothing makes me happier than when the guests call me to get their own photos from the event. As a photographer, paying attention, is acknowledging that everyone has a special moment.

Provided with a short shoot after the ceremony, we quickly got through all the poses we wanted: a couple on the ball makes it very easy to get things done, even while pushing for  creative angles. A down to earth duo Mariela and Alexa joy to work with throughout the day. I hope you enjoy the samples. If curious their website should still be up at